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Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 2-1 - Anasaze02:56

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 2-1 - Anasaze

Anasaze, known as Anasazi (アナサジ Anasaji) in the JP version, is a planet in the Meteos series that first appeared as one of the starter planets in Meteos (DS) alongside Geolyte, Oleana and Firim. The planet is meant to represent the Wild West, as suggested by the planet's geography and soundtrack.


"This planet is covered mostly in rocks and wild plains." --Meteos Instruction Booklet

"This wild planet has a thin atmosphere, making life harsh. Anasazeans can go days subsisting on a tiny bit of water." --In-game description

Anasaze measures 9,321 miles in diameter. It has a population of 2.2 billion Anasazeans.


Anasaze has a thin atmosphere, and as result, life is rare. Because of this, the most complex lifeform on this planet are stationary plants known as Anasazeans. They can survive on a tiny bit of water, and can stand up to the harsh winds of their planet. Because of this, H2O Meteos do not appear on this planet.

Anasaze is easy for beginners, but due to the requirement of up to 9 ignitions to take off a large stack, intermediate and expert players may have trouble handling the planet's ignition style.

The Meteos that appear on this planet in the original are mainly Soil, with some Fire, Air, Iron, and low Zoo. In Meteos Wars, the breakdown is a hierachy: the most frequent is Soil, with lower Air, then Zoo, Dark, and Iron.


Anasaze's soundtrack can be unlocked for 200 Soil meteos in Meteos DS.


  • Anasaze may have also been based on the Planet Mars, due to the fact that both have thin atmospheres.

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