Arod is a planet introduced in Meteos Online. It is not an actual planet; rather, it is an asteroid field. The inhabitants are calm and slow-going.

B34 arod

An Arodian.


In Wars, Arod has a lot of Air, Glow, and Ice, slightly less Iron, a moderate-low amount of Soil and minimal Zoo. The amount of Zoo that appears makes it the least dominant element to appear on any planet.


"A mass of grouped asteroids. Arodians live a lazy, drifting life thanks to the extremely low gravity."

The asteroids have a varying size between 100-400 km. There are 1,200 Arodians, each 2m tall.



The Arodians' way of life is reflected in the gravity of the "planet" (and the music as well). Meteos that are ignited launch very slowly and fall very slowly. The launched stacks to rise very high as well. The only downside to this planet's gravity is that burnt meteos that are sent over from another planet will heavily weigh down mid-air stacks. Air and Glow are far-by common, and then Iron, then Soil, then Zoo.


Arod can be unlocked by downloading the Galaxy Pack in Meteos Wars.

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