Bavoom, known as Byuboom (ビュウブーム Byūbūmu) in the JP version, is a planet that made its debut in the original Meteos game on the DS.


"Fierce winds cut through the dense atmosphere of this barren planet. The Bavoomians live and ride on the wind currents." The planet bavoom has speeds of up to 8000mph

Bavoom has a diameter of 60,000km and a population of 68 billion Bavoomians. The Bavoomians themself are 16m tall.


Bavoom has 10 columns in Meteos (DS) and 9 columns in Meteos Wars.

When launched, meteos stacks will raise fast, and then fall back down just as rapidly. However, when the speeder is activated, meteos stacks will fall very slowly while individual meteos rain down faster. This is handy for racking up Screen Clears with lots of meteos.


In Meteos (DS), the following meteos fall on Bavoom:

Air: ~33.3%

Fire: ~16.7%

H20: ~16.7%

Iron: ~16.7%

Soil: ~16.7%

In Meteos Wars, there are plenty of Air meteos, some Iron, Soil and Ice meteos, and few H2O meteos.


In Meteos (DS), Bavoom can be unlocked by fusing 1000 Air, 200 H2O and 200 Zoo meteos, or by getting above 50,000 points in the 2 minute time war. In Meteos Wars, it has to be played as the 'unknown' 5th planet in Mission Mode for it to be unlocked.

Bavoom's soundtrack in the DS game, Funky Horn, can be purchased by fusing 500 Air meteos.


In Meteos Wars, If The Player Chooses Bavoom And puts the speeder on, The Planet Starts to go the "wrong way".

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