Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 1-3 - Boggob02:37

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 1-3 - Boggob

Boggob, known as Perilia in the PAL versions and Jagombo (ジャゴンボ Jagonbo) in the JP version, is a planet that debuted in the DS Meteos, and has appeared in all games since.

Data Edit

Meteos boggob icon

Boggob is a swampy planet, teeming with life. The natives are powerhungry, and they try to fight off their predators. This makes them strong and tough.

Meteos that appear here in the original are majorly Herb, with some Air, H20, Soil, and Zoo. In Wars it becomes majorly Herb and H2O, with some Air, Soil and not much Glow.

The name, Boggob, is the syllable Bog, with the same syllable reversed.
Meteos Music - Boggob01:19

Meteos Music - Boggob

lol enjoy

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