Brabbit, known as Aetheria in the PAL versions and as Bubitt in the JP version, is a gaseous planet. It's a japanese-to-english translation is roughly "gas party".

A picture of Brabbit from the Meteos official website.

Brabbiters are said to be amazing shape-shifters. Brabbit has coloured gases surrounding it.

The meteos that fall on Brabbit in the original are majorly Air, with small amounts Fire, H20, Soil, and Zap. In Wars, the introduction of Dust meant a major change in the build-up, with Dust being the most dominant, with small amounts of Air, Fire, H2O, Zap and very little Zoo.

In the original's Multi Star Trip, it joins Bavoom and Yooj in "Clean Air Club".

In the original, one can unlock Brabbit by fusing 1800 Air, 150 Fire, 150 H20, 150 Soil, 150 Iron, 150 Zap, 150 Herb, 150 Zoo, and 1 Soul. Also, the soundtrack, "Pon!", can be unlocked by fusing 1000 Air meteos, or launching 10000 meteos lifetime.

Brabbit can be a challenging planet to use, because of its gravity. Stacks ascend very slowly and fall very quickly, and do not stay burnt for long. This makes it very challenging on Wars because Meteos cannot be moved while stacks ascend. However, there is no power increase with ignitions, so high points can be earned with some skill.

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