Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 4-3 - Cavious03:06

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 4-3 - Cavious

(ケイビオス Keibiosu), known as Cavernis in the PAL versions, is a planet that made its debut in the original Meteos game on the DS.


"A massive cavern streches deep below this planet. The stubborn Caviousians use their heads as rock hammers"

Cavious is a large rocky planet with a gaping cave mouth. It has a diameter of 220,000 kilometers and a population of 3 billion Caviousians. The Caviousians themselves are 1m tall.


In Meteos on the DS, the following meteos appear on Cavious:

In Meteos Wars, the following meteos appear:

  • Dark: ~40%
  • H2O: ~24%
  • Soil: ~24%
  • Air: ~6%
  • Zap: ~6%

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