Darthvega is a planet first introduced in Meteos Wars. The inhabitants have conquered many planets.


The music resembles that from an old sci-fi movie, and the planet seems to be based off of the Death Star from Star Wars, however, it is octahedral rather than spherical.

The width of the playing field is 9 columns wide, and it has Air, Fire, Dark, Iron and some Glow meteos. The gravity is extremely light on Darthvega; stacks and garbage blocks will take several seconds to fall, and it takes very few ignitions to get a stack off this planet. However, this makes it a low scorer. Additionally, the amount of time between a column filling to the point where it flashes and a loss is only one second, forcing it to clear out any large columns immediately. The planet impact is Tempest.


"The Darthvegans employed their technological knowledge to build a mobile base in which they wander through space."

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