Dawndus, known as Insomnis in the PAL versions and Dawnous (ダウナス Daunasu) in the JP version, is a planet that made its debut in the original Meteos game on the DS, and has since appeared in Meteos Wars.


Dawndus's odd atmosphere bends the light of its sun, so that no matter where in the sky it is, (or even if it's not there), it always appears at the horizon, creating a perpetual sunrise/sunset.

The diameter of Dawndus is 3,400 kilometers, and is home to 50,000 Dawndusians. They are 70cm tall, and as a result of there being no day/night cycle, are insomniacs and like to fake sleeping.


Dawndus has 8 columns in both Meteos (DS) and Meteos Wars. Ignitions are fairly powerful and the gravity isn't strong, so stacks fall slowly.

Dawndus appears as a 3rd planet in "Straight" Star Trip, and features in "Multi" Star Trip alonside Freaze in the stage Hot and Chillies.


In Meteos DS, the following Meteos fall on Dawndus:

In Meteos Wars, Dawndus is one of the few planets to keep the exact same type and proportion of Meteos from the DS version.


In Meteos (DS), Dawndus can be unlocked by fusing 300 Air, 1200 Fire, 300 Soil, 700 Herb, 700 Zoo and 10 Glow Meteos in the Fusion Room. In Meteos Wars, it has to be played as the 'unknown' 5th planet in Mission Mode for it to be unlocked.

Dawndus's soundtack in the DS game, Drumline, can be purchased by fusing 500 Zoo meteos.

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