Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 5-1 - Firim01:43

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 5-1 - Firim

Firim in action in Meteos Wars


Firim, known as Ignius in the PAL versions and Firem (ファイアム Faiamu) in the JP version, is one of the four planets available from the start alongside Geolyte, Oleana, and Anasaze. It is a fast-rotating planet of lava. Firim also goes with Hotted in the Molten Hellions in the original's Multi Star Trip.


In the original, Firim has a dominance of Fire, and lower amounts of Air, Soil, Iron and Zap. In Wars, there is a Fire dominance, with moderate-low amounts of Air and Iron, a low amount of Zap and an even lower amount of Dark.

Firim is one of the few planets to have 7 columns (the others being Mekks, Freaze and, later on, Hanihula). This means it is very fast-paced and is good for expert players.

In Wars, Firim has the Sentinel Planet Impact, unlike the other 7-column planets which all have Gambit.

Firim is considered to be the offensive-type due it's powerful ignitions and swift attacks. However, it has the smallest playing field.


"This molten planet is covered in rivers of flowing magma." --Meteos Instruction Booklet

"This incandescent planet burns from within and rotates at a high speed. The Firimes can command lava flows at will." --In-game description

Firim is the third-smallest planet in the game at a mere 800 km (497 miles) across - the only planets smaller are Layazero and Suburbion. However, since Suburbion is actually a fleet of ships, Firim may as well be the smallest planet on record, after Layazero. There are 30 million inhabitants, each 150cm (1.5 meters) tall.

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