Florias (フロリアス Furoriasu) is a planet that made its debut in the original Meteos game on the DS, and has since appeared in Meteos Wars.


"Flowers bloom wildly on this planet. Floriasians are sentient plants that use their own petals to tell the future."


As the bio states, there is plenty of plant life on Florias, in fact 98% of the planet's surface is covered by flowers. Florias is a ringed planet and has a diameter of 63,000 kilometers, though whether this includes the rings or not is uncertain.


Florias has the 4th largest population in the game, being home to 400 billion Floriasians. The Floriasians themselves, being sentient flowers, are a mere 15cm tall.


Florias has 10 columns in both Meteos (DS) and Meteos Wars.


In Meteos (DS), the following Meteos fall on Florias:

In Meteos Wars, the following Meteos fall on Florias:

  • Air: ~25%
  • Dark: ~25%
  • Herb: ~25%
  • Zoo: ~25%

In Meteos DS, the Dark meteos is hidden.


In Meteos (DS), Florias can be unlocked by fusing 1 Soul Meteo, or by accumulating a total gameplay time of at least 5 hours. In Meteos Wars, Florias can only be unlocked by downloading the Planet Pack.

Florias's soundtrack in the DS game, Indie Music Troupe, can be purchased by fusing 1000 Herb Meteos.

Florias can be unlocked by scoring at least 50,000 points in Deluge Mode in 10 planets.

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