Forte, known as Faulte (フォルテ Forute) in the JP version, is a planet that made its debut in the original Meteos game on the DS.
Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 1-5 - Forte05:43

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 1-5 - Forte

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 4-5 - Forte (again)02:36

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 4-5 - Forte (again)


"The timid Forters - renowned jumpers - live in the deep surface cracks of this liquid-and-plant-free planet."

Forte used to be a lush, green planet, until it was hit by several meteors (not meteos), transforming the planet into a barren land full of deep scars and gorges. It has a diameter of 7,200km and a population of 120 billion Forters. The Forters themselves are 3m tall.


In Meteos on the DS, the following meteos appear on Forte:

In Meteos Wars, there are plenty of Soil meteos, some Dark, Iron and Zoo Meteos, and few Air meteos.

Forte has 9 columns. In Wars it has the Armageddon Planet Impact.

Strategy Edit

Larger stacks seem to launch slower than small stacks of Meteos. This can be hard when you are trying to get a large stack of Meteos off the planet. Also note that the stacks of Meteos fall very slowly, so you can (in original) have time to try to launch the falling stack off the screen. Like in Thirnova, Forte's vertical launches are exceptional, which makes it a great place to try to clear the screen multiple times in one game.

Trivia Edit

In Meteos Wars, On Meteo, (When somebody sends you a Iron Meteo.) Forte is listed as iron. This also goes with Globin, being listed as dust instead of zoo. This is because Globin's natives are maroon in color. The same thing goes with Forte, they could've also use Cavious.

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