Gigagush, known as Vortinia in the PAL versions and Gigantgush (ギガントガッシュ Gigantogasshu) in the JP version, is a planet that was introduced in Meteos for the DS.

Gigagush's appearence can be compared to that of a Violet spiral galaxy. In the original, Gigagush has a vast amount of Zoo meteos that fall onto the planet, along with a decent amount of Air, Fire, Iron, Zap, and Herb. In Meteos Wars, the build up is predominantly Zoo, with a fair amount of Dark and lower amounts of Air, Fire, Iron and Zap.

The requirements to fuse Gigagush are: 20 Air, 10 Fire, 30 H2O, 300 Iron, 1500 Zoo, 30 Dark, and 1 Soul. Gigagush's soundtrack set in Meteos (DS) is "Aliens". It can be bought for 1000 Iron. The Soundtrack in Meteos Sobyo can be unlocked for 500 Zoo.

In Meteos Wars, to unlock Gigagush, the player needs the Galaxy Pack.


"The great vortex around this planet sucks in anything nearby. Gigagushers suck in prey and use poison fangs."

The inhabitants are 23m tall, the population is 25 billion and the planet is 160,000 km across.


Gigagush has 11 columns in the original Meteos and 9 columns in Meteos Wars, however the planet profiles have the amount of columns as 10. In Meteos Sobyo, there are 3 files.

Gigagush has a preset gravity feature that it shares with Mekks. What this means is that the launched meteos will always go up a certain amount and fall at a certain speed, no matter how big a meteos stack is. A great way to take advantage of this feature is to launch as many stacks from the bottom of the scre
Meteos Wars - Oct 29 09 A - Gigagush05:01

Meteos Wars - Oct 29 09 A - Gigagush

Gigagush in Meteos Wars

en as possible (since the gravity won't weigh down the stack anyways). In Meteos Wars, the planet impact is Gambit.
Meteos Music - Gigagush01:37

Meteos Music - Gigagush

Awesome Music

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