Globin, known as Arnima (アーニマ Ānima) in the JP version, is a planet that made its debut in the orginal Meteos game on the DS, and has since appeared in Meteos Wars.


Globin is a bizarre planet, if it can even be called one. Its name (from hemoglobin, a protein used by red blood cells to transport oxygen from the lungs) and shape add to the fact it is in reality a huge living organism, around 35,000 kilometers in diameter, three times the size of Earth. The inhabitants act like the immune system of Globin, and so repel the Meteos when they land on the surface of the otherwise helpless "planet". They are on average 10cm tall, though some can reach sizes of 20m. The population of these inhabitants is unknown.


Globin has 10 columns in both Meteos (DS) and Meteos Wars. Ignitions are powerful and usually only a couple of step jumps will get an entire stack off the screen. However, Globin, being a living body, weakens as the game progresses. As a result, the time allowed to clear a flashing column decreases as the match goes on, until the time between warning and annihilation is near-instantaneous.

Globin appears as the most common 6th planet in "Straight" Star Trip, and features in "Multi" Star Trip alonside Lastar and Suburbion in the Rare Cultures stage.

In Meteos Wars, Globin has the Sentinel Planet Impact.


In Meteos (DS), the following Meteos appear on Globin:

In Meteos Wars, the following Meteos appear:

  • Zoo: ~33.33%
  • Air: ~15.00%
  • Fire: ~15.00%
  • H2O: ~15.00%
  • Herb: ~15.00%


In Meteos (DS), Globin can be unlocked by fusing 3333 Zoo, 666 Dark and 3 Soul Meteos in the Fusion Room. In Meteos Wars, it has to be played as the 'unknown' 5th planet in Mission Mode for it to be unlocked.

Globin's soundtack in the DS game, Inner Bubbles, can be purchased by fusing 1000 Zoo meteos.

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