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Grannest (グランネスト Grannest), known as Smogor in the PAL versions, in a planet that made its debut in the original Meteos game on the DS, and has since appeared in Meteos Wars.

Planet Edit

"This planet thrives on industry, which has sullied its environment and forced the native machines into space."

Grannest has a diameter of 24,000 kilometers and a population of 32 billion robots. The robots are on average 50cm tall, though they can also be as tall as 50m.

Grannest used to be populated by living creatures, but after the machinery revolution, the planet became so badly polluted that all the natives moved to other planets, leaving behind the robots they designed. The robots await their return, but they most likely never will.


Grannest has 9 columns in both Meteos (DS) and Meteos Wars.

In Star Trip (Meteos):

  • On the Straight Route, Grannest may randomly be found as the second planet.
  • On the Branch Route, Grannest appears as the top planet in the third column.
  • On the Multi Route, Grannest is a member of the Mechatropoloids, along with Megadom.

In Mission Mode (Meteos Wars), Grannest can appear as the second stage of any world.

Meteos on Grannest rise up quickly, then fall back down more slowly. However, ignitions never gain or lose strength when they are chained, meaning that Grannest can potentially combo indefinitely. It shares this trait with Wuud and Brabbit. Burnt blocks also restore themselves fairly quickly on Grannest. In Meteos Wars, Grannest's Planet Impact is Armageddon.

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 2-2 - Grannest03:21

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 2-2 - Grannest

Grannest in Meteos Wars


In Meteos (DS), the following Meteos fall on Grannest:

Iron: ~27.8%

Air: ~18.1%

Fire: ~18.1%

H2O: ~18.1%

Zap: ~18.1%

In Meteos Wars, there are plenty of Iron and Dust Meteos, as well as smaller amounts of Air, Fire and H2O Meteos.


In Meteos (DS), Grannest can be unlocked by fusing 200 Iron and 200 Zap Meteos, or by completing one round of the "Straight" star trip mode. In Meteos Wars, it must be played as the 'unknown' 5th planet in Mission Mode for it to be unlocked.

Grannest's soundtrack in the DS game is Tech 'n' Knock. It can be purchased for 200 Iron Meteos.


In Wars, the robots' heads are slightly tilted.

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