Gravitas, known as Gravitole (グラビトール Gurabitōru) in the JP version, in a planet that made its deput in the original DS game, and reappears in Meteos Wars. On the DS, Gravitas is abundent in Soil meteos and also contains Air, Iron, Zap, and Zoo meteos. In Meteos Wars, Gravitas only has four types; Dark, Soil, Iron and the new type introduced, Ice.

In order to fuse Gravitas, you must fuse: 1221 Soil, 1441 Iron, 121 Zap, 161 Zoo, and 1 Time. To unlock Gravitas in Meteos Wars, it has to be played as the 'unknown' 5th planet in Mission mode.

To unlock Gravitas' soundtrack, you need 500 Zap meteos in Meteos DS.

Wp14 1600 1200

Gravitas inhabitant




"The brutal gravity of Gravitas turns the tiniest speck into an ultradense particle. Gravitases enjoy little leisure."

Gravitases live based on their will; if they fall, they may never stand up again. One pound on Earth would weigh 10 billion pounds here.


Gravitas has 10 columns in both Meteos (DS) and Meteos Wars.

As its bio says, Gravitas has an ultra heavy gravity. While this might make one think this makes Gravitas impossible to play on, but that is far from the case. When you first ignite a row or column of meteos, the meteos will not launch at all, but will stay in the ignited phase for a period of time (it is noticeably longer than any other planet's time). While the meteos are in the phase, if you launch another row or column of meteos on top of or while touching those ignited meteos, all the meteos that were on top of that stack will be launched off the planet.


  • Gravitas actually does have "four" types in Wars. The same thing happens to Florias, Anasaze and Gelyer.

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