B37 hanifula

A Hanihulan.

Meteos Wars - Nov 4 09 D - Hanihula07:07

Meteos Wars - Nov 4 09 D - Hanihula

Hanihula is a planet exclusive to Meteos Wars. It has to be bought with the Planet Pack. It is a planet populated with bee-like insects, which have a very strong sense of taste and smell. These aliens appear to have colonised half their planet.

There is a dominance of Glow, slightly less Soil, a medium-large amount of Dust and moderate amounts of Zap and Air. It has the Gambit Planet Impact and is one of the four 7 column planets in the game, the others being Mekks, Freaze and Firim.


"With an unrivaled sweeth tooth, the Hanihulans fly around recklessly, tantalized by the sweet aroma emitted by planets"

The natives are 33cm tall, there is a population of 50 million and the planet is 12,000km across,making it the planet closest to Earth in size (which is 12,700 km across).


Hanihula is an expert planet. Its ignitions are very weak, and they keep getting WEAKER once you chain, until the meteos only go about 1 block high. However, at the 8th chain, the ignitions will start getting strong, and by the 11th chain, the Meteos can go from the bottom straight to the top. Its burnout time isn't long, but to make up for it, the meteos fall extremely slowly. Hanihula can utilize Gambit after it's done a Screen Clear, just like with most other Gambit planets. However, because of the screen's small size, Hanihula doesn't do as much with Gambit as planets like Gravitas. Because you need to use intense chaining to utilize the planet effectively, Hanihula is one of the highest scorers in the game, if not the highest. Despite its flaws, this planet can be a serious threat if you let it live for the whole three minutes.

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