Hevendor, known as Heavensdoor (ヘブンズドア Hebunzudoa) in the JP version, is a planet introduced in the original Meteos on the DS and is unlockable in Meteos Wars.

In the original, Hevendor has Air, Fire, H2O, Soil, Iron, and Zap, all of which appear at the same rate, and a fair amount of Zoo which is not shown on the chart. In Wars, Hevendor has high amounts of Fire, H2O and Soil, and lower amounts of Iron, Zap, Herb and Zoo.

To fuse Hevendor in the original you require 777 Air, 777 Fire, 777 H20, 777 Soil, 777 Iron, 777 Zap, 777 Herb, 777 Zoo, 77 Glow, 77 Dark, 1 Soul, and 1 Time.

Hevendor's ingame soundtrack from Meteos (DS) is "Space-Time Continuum". It can be fused with 200 Dark

Hevendor is the planet in the original's 1,000 Meteo War. In the Multi Star Trip, Hevendor appears as three times in the "Hevendor Realm", which is the only way to get to True Meteo.Failing to get within 2:00(Mission in Hevendor realm) will discard True meteo that only allowed to go to the Middle meteo.

Hevendor has 11 columns in Meteos (DS) and Meteos Wars.


"Hevendor is home to the life-forms known as the seven sages. Before these powerful psychics, Meteos are but toys."

Hevendor has an unknown planet size and alien height, and there is a population of 7.


Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 1-4 - Hevendor03:05

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 1-4 - Hevendor

Hevendor in Meteos Wars

Hevendor has a very unique gravity feature that only it has. When meteos are ignited, the meteos stack will be instantly launched off the planet. However, on rare occasions, the stack may fall back. The Incinerated Meteos in the stack take a very short time to return to normal. Because of Hevendor's gravity, very large stacks may be launched off the screen in the blink of an eye. This makes for good use of Super Rockets. Although it seems that the low gravity gives it an easy strategy, this is not the case as there is a massive diversity in the type of Meteos that land on the planet. Hevendor is very useful when trying to collect high amounts of any of the elements on the planet.
Meteos Music - Hevendor01:49

Meteos Music - Hevendor

Enjoy This Music!!!!

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