A Hotted Native. These are 30m tall.

Hotted, known as Pyros in EU and Australia and Heatheads in Japan, is a cube-shaped planet is made out of iron ore rocks, with intense heat that causes the iron to glow. The native is 30m tall and is known for being very savage and angry, and has a crown-shaped head.

Hotted's main perk is that the first ignition barely makes it off the ground, but the second ignition launches it off the screen. However, bigger stacks will not be, and ignitions get weaker until they have no power at all. In Meteos Wars, secondary ignitions below the first will be weak, making it a very hard planet to use.

Hotted contains Air, Fire, Soil, Iron, Zap, and Dark. Fire is by far the most common, and then Iron. The amount of Zap makes it the least abundant shown element of any planet. In Wars, Hotted contains Fire, Iron, Air, Glow, and H2O.

Hotted has 10 columns in all versions. In Wars, it has the Armageddon planet impact.

In the original, it, like Lastar, has no space in the Split Route Star Trip. In Multi Route Star Trip, it is in the Molten Hellions with Firim. In Wars, it must be bought with the Planets Pack.

Hotted can be bought by fusing 4000 Fire, 1000 Iron, 20 Dark, 1 Soul.

Hotted can be unlocked by completing the 100-Meteo War in five planets.

In the original, Hotted's soundtrack, which is "Transpace", costs 1,000 Fire Meteos.

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