Ignitions are a vital component to the gameplay of Meteos. An ignition occurs when three or more Meteos of the same type are aligned either horizontally or vertically. These ignitions vary in power depending on the planet, and also on other criteria:

  • Direction of alignment: Vertical and horizontal ignitions can vary on power on a planet. For example, on Vubble horizontal ignitions are very powerful but vertical ignitions are powerless.
  • Amount of normal Meteos above the ignition: Generally, the more Meteos there are above an ignition the weaker it is. For example, on Lastar ignitions are very powerful when there are few Meteos above it but become very weak when the stack is weighed down.
  • Amount of incinerated Meteos above the ignition: Same as above, but burnt Meteos can behave differently to normal Meteos. For example, Thirnova's ignitions are highly weakened by burnt Meteos.
  • Amount of Meteos below the ignition: The lower an ignition is made, the more powerful it becomes. This is most shown on Ranbarumba where stacks are greatly more powerful when launched at the bottom of the field.
  • How far along the secondary ignition line the launch is: Usually, secondary ignitions get progressively stronger. There are exceptions, the most notable being Megadom where secondary ignitions get progressively weaker.

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