Jeljel, known as Magmor in the PAL versions and Gelgel (ゲルゲル Gerugeru) in the JP version, is a planet introduced in the original Meteos game on the DS. Its surface is mostly lava.

The population of Jeljel is only 32, the third lowest in the game (after Hevendor, with 7, and Meteo, which is uninhabited). As a result, the Jeljellians are very lonely. The Jeljellians Can Be 40cm to 70m Tall.


The first couple or so ignitions on this planet are strong, but then they begin to peter out, with barely any power. At about the 8th ignition, however, the ignitions get very powerful. The best strategy would to get all columns into one stack during the weaker ignitions, and then use the stronger ignitions to do a Screen Clear.

Jeljel is abunduent with Fire meteos, but also has Air, H20, Iron and Zap.

In Meteos Wars, there's plenty of Fire meteos, some Dust, Iron and Zap meteos, and fewer H20 meteos.

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 4-2 - Jeljel01:11

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 4-2 - Jeljel


To unlock Jeljel for a planet, launch 666 Fire, 666 Soil, 666 Zoo and 3 Dark meteos or get another player's profile.

In Meteos Wars, download the Galaxy Pack, or complete Mission Mode five times.

To unlock the soundtrack, "Hall of Horrors", launch 500 Fire meteos.

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