B24 rustal

A Lastaral

, known as Candelor in the PAL versions and Rustal (ラスタル Rasutaru) in the JP version, is a planet in the Meteos series that made its debut in the DS Meteos game.


"The planet of Lastar is full of light, and the light destroys all shadows. The Lastarals' way of communication is by reflecting the light."

In the original, Meteos that appear on this planet are Fire, Glow, Iron, Zap, and H20, all at an even balance. In Meteos Wars, the mix is Air, Fire, Iron, and Glow, all even, and a lower amount of Herb.

Lastar's soundtrack, "Solar Chimes" is in the cost of 1 Time.

Lastar is in the cost of 1500 Glow and 2 Time.

In Meteos Wars, to unlock Lastar, it appears as either the second or fifth planet in Mission Mode.

Lastar appears in Branch only if you select Hotted, Gigagush, Cavious, Florias, Wiral, Luna=Luna, Starrii, Yooj, Vubble, Hevendor, Thirnova, Globin, or Suburbion.

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