Limotube is a planet introduced in Meteos Online and appeared again in Meteos Wars. Its inhabitants are tiny pink cats with blue feet and blue eyes which so far are the only natives that have two eyes. On Limotube, Meteos rise and fall quickly, and take a long to restore themselves. The planet itself looks like a cat's paw.thumb|300px|right

Data Edit

Limotube is a planet that has never experienced a Meteos attack before. Because of this, its difficulty is very high. Limotube contains many Zoo Meteos, a lot of Herb, some Soil, little Air, and very little Dust or Fire.

"A warm world of perpetual day. The tiny Limotubians dance and skip until they drop. Their sleepy faces are extremely cute."


Despite being a planet with one of the steepest learning curves, it is actually somewhat easy to get a Screen Clear with practice. With large amounts of Zoo, Soil, and Herb, mixed with small amounts of other types to prevent mistakes, it's easy to find Meteos that match up. Its weaker-than-average ignitions let it have more chances to get a screenwide stack, and after it does, you can swamp the opponent with repeated assaults that almost make it to the top. When you're finished, you can use the Armageddon Planet Impact to fill up any space remaining. This strategy is made even easier given Limotube's long Meteos restoration time.

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