This is the list of Planets by animation.

Design Planet 1 Animation Planet 2 Animation
Geolyte and Yooj Impact
Geolyte Stopped Yooj Stopped
Firim Fast Hevendor Wait
Oleana Stopped Suburbion Stopped
Anasaze Stopped N/A N/A
Grannest Wait Hotted Fast
Freaze Stopped N/A N/A
Megadom Stopped Vubble Stopped
Layazero Stopped Luna=Luna Stopped
Bavoom Stopped Florias Stopped
Jeljel Fast Wuud Wait
Boggob Wait Brabbit Fast
Mekks Stopped Wiral Stopped
Forte Stopped Gravitas Stopped
Dawndus Stopped Cavious Stopped
Gigagush Fast N/A N/A
Thirnova Fast Starrii Fast
Lastar Stopped Globin Stopped
Meteo Fast N/A N/A

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