Lumious is a planet that made its debut in the short-lived Meteos Online game for PC, and has since reappeared in Meteos Wars.


A Lumious Inhabitant

Lumious is one of the 5 starter planets in Meteos Wars, along with Geolyte, Firim, Oleana, and Anasaze.

Bio Edit

"A planet filled with lights and sounds. The natives spend their entire lives playing tunes to these gleaming lights. Without music, they are lifeless."

"A world brimming with dark and light. The native spend their lives drifting, playing their tunes in rhythm to the planet's light, one with song."


Meteos that appear on Lumious are mainly Dark, moderate Glow, and little H20, Fire, and Soil. Lumious has 9 columns to utilize.

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 3-1 - Lumious01:59

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 3-1 - Lumious

Lumious can be a little more challenging to use because of its gravity. The ignited meteos will almost immediately go up to their top position, but they only go up a short amount. Mid-air stacks do fall slowly, but burnt, grounded meteos don't stay burnt for too long. The use of Step-jumps is very helpful on Lumious. Each step-jump sends the meteos stack a little higher each time. A couple of step-jumps will send a large portion of meteos off the planet.

Similarities to LuminesEdit

Lumious's natives and bio are based off of Lumines, a popular puzzle series also developed by Q Entertainment, due to the style of the native's eyes and their musical lifestle.

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