Luna=Luna is a planet that made its debut in the original Meteos game on the DS, and has since appeared in Meteos Online and Meteos Wars. It is the Twin Moon planet, and is based on Earth's moon. The natives often attempt to jump between both moons. They seem to resemble small rockets.


In the original Meteos, Luna=Luna had an equal mix of Fire, Zap, Herb, Soil and Iron with a moderate, hidden amount of Dark. In Wars, it has a lot of Glow and moderate amount of Dark, Soil, Zap and Fire. Luna=Luna has 9 columns in both Meteos DS and Wars. In Wars it has the Armageddon planet impact.

Stacks ascend slow and descend slow. This makes it very defensive, but it can be made offensive.


"These twin moons are tied like lovers dancing a waltz. The natives often attempt to jump between moons"
Luna=Luna Happy


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