A Megadom inhabitant.

, known as Megadome (メガドーム Megadōmu) in the JP version, is a planet that made its debut in the original Meteos game on the DS. In gameplay, it has 9 columns. Each ignition is strong, but grows weaker when repeated.
Meteos Wars - Vs04:19

Meteos Wars - Vs. COM - Megadom

Megadom shown in a match

Statistics Edit

"Most of this planet is covered in dense gas that makes the natives - who live on a floating island - eternal optimists"

The natives' average size is 10cm, the planet is 22,000km across and has a population of 100 million.

The main Meteos build-up is dominantly Air, Iron, and Zap, with less Soil and Herb. The Meteos Wars Build-up is the same, but Air is more frequent than Iron and Zap, and Soil and Herb are a lot less frequent.

In Meteos Wars, this planet has the Sentinel Planet Impact.


Megadom can be bought with 200 Air, 200 Fire , 100 H2O, and 100 Soil in DS.

Megadom requires the Galaxy Pack in Wars.


When a meteo is ignited,The aliens act like starii but in opposite route.

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