a mekks inhabitant.

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 3-3 - Mekks03:21

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 3-3 - Mekks

, known as Meks (メックス Mekkusu) in the JP version, is a planet that made its deput in the original Meteos game on the DS.

Data Edit

The planet Mekks used to be a space mine, but after the resources were used up, the natives spun various wires like thread to create the planet's current state. They used mechanical devices to arrange the Meteos and make them launch.

Mekks' gravity is very difficult, and like Gigagush, the launched Meteos immediately head back down after launching. However, the only way to stop a cluster from going up on Mekks is the Planet Impacts Armageddon and Sentinel. Thus, Mekks' clusters are invincible from coming down until the fixed height is met. Unlike Gigagush, Mekks' Meteos descend in a smoother manner. While Gigagush's launching makes it so that there will always be three rows of Meteos when the cluster starts coming back down, Mekks' has a fixed height of 7 rows that starts from the bottom of the cluster. Meteos that appear on this planet in the DS version are Air, H20, Fire, Zap, and Iron. In Meteos Wars, the types are Air, Glow, H2O, Iron and Zap.

Mekks' DS background music, Famicomic, is based off of sounds you would hear on a NES.

The original Mekks has the same Meteos composition as Grannest, Jeljel and Layazero, although at different ratios.

It is one of the three industry planets, along with Wiral and Grannest.


Mekks in Original can be unlocked by fusing 1024 Iron and 800 Zap.

Mekks in Wars can be unlocked when you put Mekks as the unknown 5th planet in Mission Mode.

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