"Thus the last desperate stand against Meteos began. The Metamo Ark - a warship made of Meteos ore - set off as a bastion of hope, with the fate of the entire universe resting on a lone civilization's valor."

The Metamo Ark is a 120-km-long warship that embarks on a mission to save the universe from planet Meteo. It appears in both the original Meteos and Meteos Wars.

In the prologue video on the DS version, numerous Geolytes/Geolytians can be seen in the cockpit/ground command. Depending on the version, the Metamo Ark is composed of either Meteos ore (in the DS version) or Metamorite (in Meteos Wars).

In most endings, the Metamo Ark is victorious, defeating the destructive planet Meteo. Some, however, end with Meteo escaping, a pyrrhic victory, or with another planet Meteo revealed to replace the original.

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