Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 5-6 - Meteo04:37

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 5-6 - Meteo

Meteo is the planet which sends out the Meteos to all other planets. It is an evil and sentient planet, one that the player must defeat to complete Star Trip mode (DS) and Mission Mode (Wars).


Meteo has 11 columns. In Wars, it has the Armageddon Planet Impact.

Meteos Build-upEdit

Meteo's original Meteos build-up in Star Trip is rather strange, as there is a rotary system in place. Every time the player encounters Meteo, the planet will either have a build-up of Type A, B, or C Meteos, which rotate consecutively upon each encounter (e.g. after the player defeats Type A Meteo, the next encounter will be against Type B Meteo).

Type A: H2O, Iron, Zoo, Glow, Dark (all max)

Type B: Fire, Soil, Herb, Glow, Dark (all max)

Type C: Air, H2O , Zap, Glow , Dark (all max)

However, the unlocked version has a different build-up: Fire, Zap, Herb, Zoo, Glow, and Dark, all even ratios.

In Meteos Wars, the planet has Ice, Fire, Herb, Zoo and Dark all with full bars, and lower amounts of Glow and Dust. Aliens represent the type of Meteos (e.g. Zap corresponds with Layazero, H2O corresponds with Oleana) However there are some exceptions, such as Forte being represented as iron, and even though Lastar has max meteos, it is still Glow.


"The culprit behind the universal chaos, and destroyer of worlds. The Metamo Ark defeated this galactic bane."

Meteo has no population, and consequently the lowest populated planet in the game. Meteo is also the largest planet in the game at 1.2 million miles in circumference.

Meteos itself is stated to be sentient, and therefore has no alien "dancer" to represent it. However, in Meteos Wars, a miniaturized version of the eye-like planet fills this role. Because it is sentient, it could also be considered the single largest "alien" in the entire series.


Meteo Original Meteos Meteos Wars
Air Yooj Bavoom
Fire Jeljel Firim
H2O Oleana Oleana
Soil Anasaze Anasaze
Iron Grannest Forte
Zap Wiral Layazero
Herb Boggob Boggob
Zoo Starrii Limotube
Glow Lastar Luna=Luna
Dark Geolyte Geolyte
Ice Freaze
Dust Globin


Meteo can be unlocked for 5000 Air, 5000 Fire, 4000 H20, 4000 Soil, 3000 Iron, 3000 Zap, 2000 Herb, 2000 Zoo, 1000 Glow, 1000 Dark, 5 Soul, and 5 Time meteos after seeing eight different endings for Star Trip mode.

Despite not being a starter planet, Meteo doesn't have to be unlocked in Meteos Wars.

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