Mission Mode is a Star Trip mode in the original Meteos. You go up against multiple opponents and are challenged with specific missions. If you complete the mission, you can choose which planet you move to next. If you fail, you are forced to take a certain route. The mode is intriguing for the fact that True Meteo lies at the end of the hardest route.

Misson Mode MissionsEdit

  1. H2O Planetaries
    Planets: Geolyte and Oleana
    Mission: Win within 2:30!
    Theme: Planets with saltwater oceans.
  2. Chlorophylls
    Planets: Boggob and Wuud
    Mission: Launch 200 Meteos or more!
    Theme: Planets covered with plant life.
  3. Molten Hellions
    Planets: Firim and Hotted
    Mission: Launch 100 Meteos or more!
    Theme: Planets of intense temperature.
  4. Earth Lovers
    Planets: Anasaze, Forte and Cavious
    Mission: Clear the screen of Meteos!
    Theme: Planets with barren soil.
  5. Mechatropoloids
    Planets: Grannest and Megadom
    Mission: Clear the screen of Meteos!
    Theme: Planets with megapolises.
  6. Stray Planet
    Planets: Jeljel only
    Mission: Battle for over 1:00 and win!
    Theme: Lonely planet, fits in with Jeljel's bio.
  7. Dimensionals
    Planets: Gravitas, Thirnova aand Gigagush
    Mission: Launch 50 burnt Meteos or more!
    Theme: Planets that have strange space-time rends.
  8. Bubblies
    Planets: Vubble, Florias and Starrii
    Mission: Launch 30 H2O Meteos or more!
    Theme: Planets that are more feminine.
  9. Clean Air Club
    Planets: Bavoom, Brabbit and Yooj
    Mission: Launch 75 Meteos at once!
    Theme: Planets with large amounts of gas.
  10. Hot & Chillies
    Planets: Dawndus and Freaze
    Mission: Launch 50 Meteos at once!
    Theme: A hot desert planet and a cold blizzard planet.
  11. Electric Nymphs
    Planets: Mekks and Wiral
    Mission: Launch 30 Meteos at once!
    Theme: Planets with high technological advances.
  12. Rare Cultures
    Planets: Globin, Suburbion and Lastar
    Mission: N/A
    Theme: Planets that do not fit into other categories - miscellaneous.
  13. Illusionists
    Planets: 3 versions of Layazero
    Mission: N/A
    Theme: As an illusion, Layazero may have copied itself.
  14. Twin Moons
    Planets: Luna=Luna only
    Mission: Win within 1:30!
    Theme: Luna=Luna is a twin moon planet
  15. Hevendor Realm
    Planets: 3 versions of Hevendor
    Mission: Win within 2:00!
    Theme: The psychic sages of Hevendor may have used telepathy to implant the images of three Hevendors.
  16. True Meteo (top)
    Planets: 3 versions of Meteo
    Mission: N/A
    Theme: 3 Versions of Meteo. Beat this one to get the "Ascent" ending.
  17. Meteo (centre)
    Planets: Meteo
    Mission: N/A
    Theme: Beat this one for the ending titled "The Great Battle".
  18. Meteo (bottom)
    Planets: Meteo
    Mission: N/A
    Theme: Beat this one. You get this ending for failing the "Twin Moons" mission. You'll get the "Limitless Eye" ending.

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