An Oleana inhabitant.

, known as Oreana (オレアナ Oreana) in the JP version, is a planet that made its debut in the original DS game and has since appeared in Meteos Online and Meteos Wars. It is one of the planets that are available from the start in both the DS game and Meteos Wars, alongside Geolyte, Firim, Anasaze, and Lumious (Meteos Wars only)


"The denizens of this oceanic planet live life under the sea." --Meteos Instruction Booklet

"This watery planet is mostly covered in seas that teem with life. Oleanans are highly advanced and peaceful." --In-game description

Oleana is a relatively large planet, measuring 12,427 miles in diameter. It has a population of 7 billion Oleanans.
Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 1-1 - Oleana03:21

Meteos Wars - Mission Mode 1-1 - Oleana

Gameplay Edit

Oleana has 9 columns in both Meteos (DS) and Meteos Wars. The Meteos blocks move like they would underwater; rising and falling slowly. Horizontal ignitions have medium power in both games, though vertical ignitions differ between the games. In Meteos (DS), vertical ignitons are very weak, but in Meteos Wars, they are more powerful.

The Meteos that commonly appear on this planet are mainly H20, with some Air, Fire, Zap, and Herb. In Meteos Wars, it is mainly H20, moderate Air, little Zap and Zoo and not much Dark.

Oleana appears in Branch if you choose Geolyte, Firim, Anasaze, Grannest, Freaze, or Megadom.

In Meteos Wars, it has the Tempest Planet Impact.


Oleana's soundtrack which is "Shinin'" can be fused for 200 meteos.

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