Planet Impacts are a feature exclusive to Meteos Wars. In game, a gauge fills up and once it hits maximum an impact can be launched. There are four types of impact: Tempest, Armageddon, Sentinel and Gambit. The appearance of the Meteos that land on each planet and the Planet Impact have a near-perfect correlation.


Tempest works by removing columns from the opponent's field. This is optimally used by waiting for the opponent to have a filled screen, which causes horizontal ignitions to be a lot weaker and forcing them to make vertical ignitions.

Planets with Tempest have Meteos that are white symbols on coloured background, a style similar to the Meteos originally found on Geolyte and Yooj. However, neither of these have Tempest.

Planets with TempestEdit


Armageddon works by putting a large mass of Armageddon Meteos on your opponent's field, which count towards a full column, makes ignitions weaker than they normally are and do not turn into normal Meteos. This is optimally used at any time.

Planets with Armageddon have Meteos that appear to be made of material, similar to the blocks found on Anasaze in the original. The sole exception is Meteo, which has Meteos style similar to its original style (natives of planets).

Planets with ArmageddonEdit


Sentinel works by making a steady stream of incinerated Meteos fall onto your opponent's field, and all incinerated Meteos on their field become blocks of random types. This is optimally used when the opponent has a lot of incinerated Meteos on their field.

Planets with Sentinel have Meteos which have a coloured symbol on a black background, similar to a black-background version of the blocks that originally appeared on Dawndus and Cavious. However, neither of these planets have Sentinel.

Planets with SentinelEdit


Gambit works by causing the planet using Gambit to launch larger Meteos attacks, and the opponent to launch smaller Meteos attacks. This is optimally used whilst a screen-wide stack has been created. If Gambit is used while a different Planet Impact is being used against it, it does not start until their Impact ends.

Planets with Gambit have plain Meteos with a tiny symbol on them, similar to the Meteos that were originally on Vubble and Megadom. However, neither of these have Gambit.

Planets with GambitEdit

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