thumb|300px|right|Starrii in action in Meteos Wars Starrii, known as Stellis in the PAL versions and Starlia (スターリア Sutāria) in the JP version, is a planet that made its debut in the original Meteos game on the DS. The planet is home to the goddess,Starrii (called Starlia in the JP version), and the 1,000 citizens protect her with their lives.

Starrii has a wide array of Zoo Meteos, as well as average H20, less Soil, Glow, and Air and not much Herb. The gravity is light, and it is 8 columns wide. The mix is the same in Wars, but the ratios have changed: Zoo is still the most common, followed by Glow and H2O, then Air and Herb and little Soil.

"The home of the goddess Starrii, this planet is populated by humble oracles who live to protect her."

Starrii's meteo appearance is the same as Thirnova's in the original.

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