Straight Star Trip is one of the three modes of Star Trip offered in the original Meteos game on the DS.

The premise is simple; choose a home planet, fly to six planets, one after the other on a set course, and then defeat the planet Meteo.


The order of planets is not completely random, but are arranged so the more challenging planets appear near the end of the Star Trip. An example of a Star Trip order would be Geolyte > Bavoom > Mekks > Cavious > Wiral > Globin > Meteo.

The top planet is the highest chance.

1st Planet

2nd Planet

3rd Planet

4th Planet

5th Planet

6th Planet

7th Planet


There are two endings at the end of Straight Star Trip. The first normal ending is viewed when the game is beaten.

Invisible Bonds - The final blow to Meteo wasn't working, and the Metamo Ark was savaged. But then, deep-space laser cannons fired beams from all directions - the many races united to protect the ark! Together, they destroyed planet Meteo.

The second secret ending is viewed when you have amassed over 500,000 points over the course of the Star Trip.

A Miracle Reborn - The Meteo War had ended, but the universe was hurt and stars were vanishing. It turned out the Meteos were also a resource! The Metamo Ark initiated a massive fusion with the remainders, reviving the universe.

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