Suburbion, known as Colonion (コロニオン Coronion) in the JP version, is a 'planet' that made its debut in
Suburbion p

A Suburbonite.

the original Meteos game on the DS. It is a fleet of space stations, each 40km in diameter, and is home to a bellicose race whose planet was destroyed by constant warfare. The planet's playstyle reflects this, as the small playing field and the increased ignition period allows the player to build up large, powerful rockets.

Suburbion is home to approximately 4 billion inhabitants, who are on average 18m tall. To unlock the planet in the DS game, you need to fuse 78 Air, 77 Fire, 75 H2O, 1200 Dark, and 2 Soul meteos. To unlock the planet in Meteos Wars, you need to download the Galaxy Pack add-on.

The planet is 9 columns in size and has the Tempest planet impact.

The natives are 17 m. tall with a population of 18 billlion distributed amongst the stations.[citation needed]


Meteos Wars - Oct 25 09 B - Suburbion05:30

Meteos Wars - Oct 25 09 B - Suburbion

In Meteos on the DS, the following Meteos blocks fall on Suburbion:

Iron: ~26.7%

Zap: ~26.7%

Dark: ~20.0%

Herb: ~13.3%

Zoo: ~13.3%

On occasion, one or two Fire, Glow, H2O or Soil meteos blocks will appear right at the beginning.

In Meteos Wars, the same types appear, although the amounts of Iron and Zap have increased and the amounts of Herb and Zoo have been decreased. The meteos blocks that occasionally appear at the start also have been removed.


It's entirely possible that Suburbion, as a whole, including it's theme and it's inhabitants are a metaphor for the Gundam Franchise, specifically The Principality of Zeon. There is an uncanny resemblance to Zeon Zaku.

A recurring theme in the Gundam series is that they are set during periods of intense war and usually feature many orbitting space colonies as battlegrounds commonly caught in the crossfire.

Also note that the average Suburbonite is "around 18 meters tall", whereas the wiki page describing the Zaku-II (the most common Zaku unit) describes it as being around "17.5" meters tall.

Further evidence includes Bandai's participation in the making of the original Meteos, the company who is also responsible for many of the things relating to the Gundam franchise.

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