Thirnova, known as Trinova in the PAL versions and Thirdnova (サードノヴァ Sādonova) in the JP version, is a stage that made its debut in the orginal Meteos game on the DS, and has since appeared in Meteos Wars.


Thirnova is the 2nd largest planet in the game at 680,000 kilometers. It also has the largest population, with 36 trillion Thirnovans living on its surface. Thirnovans are odd in that they are half energy beings, and have no fixed height. Thirnova is considered an alternate dimension. Whether this is true or not is explained.

Thirnova and the Thirnovans are based almost completely on impossibilities- that is, nothing on this planet could ever really happen. Its 680,000 kilometers would mean that it gets pulled by its own gravity into a sphere, but instead, Thirnova is shaped like an octahedron. Thirnovans being half-energy is also impossible, because energy is a non-matter form of material.

In Star trip mode,Thirnova appears at the Dimensionals alongside Gigagush and Gravitas.


Thirnova has 11 columns in both Meteos (DS) and Meteos Wars.

Meteos on Thirnova are extremely light. When ignited, Meteos will shoot up to the point where they almost reach the top after only one ignition. From there, the cluster slowly falls back down. Unfortunately, while Thirnova is fantastic offensively, it struggles to get a high score; between garbage blocks weighing down clusters a lot, having 11 columns to work with, and clusters often going over the top after chains of only three or four, it can be difficult to get Screen Clears. If Thirnova can keep up enough offensive pressure, it can easily win by filling up the opponent's columns; however, if the opponent survives to the end, Thirnova will most likely lose the round. Thirnova has vertical ignitions similar to Forte. The meteos are usually launched off the planet when launched vertically.


In Meteos (DS), the following Meteos appear on Thirnova:

In Meteos Wars, Thirnova has mostly Glow Meteos, several Zap meteos and few H2O, Iron and Zoo Meteos.


In Meteos (DS), Thirnova can be unlocked by fusing 1000 Fire, 2800 Zap, 400 Glow and 2 Time Meteos. In Meteos Wars, Thirnova can only be unlocked by downloading the Galaxy Pack. In Meteos Sobyo, Thirnova can be unlocked by completing the 100-Meteo War in 15 planets.

Thirnova's soundtrack in the DS game, Bossa Cafe, can be purchased by fusing 300 Glow Meteos.
Meteos Music - Thirnova01:43

Meteos Music - Thirnova


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