Unnatural Meteos are Meteos that only appear in the Original Meteos when a match is started. They also don't always appear and as a result, Glow Meteos are the most common Unnatural Meteo. These are not to be confused with Hidden Meteos.

Air: Cavious

Fire: Suburbion

H2O: Megadom, Suburbion, Thirnova, Cavious

Soil: Grannest, Suburbion

Iron: Wuud

Zap: Geolyte, Wuud

Herb: Brabbit

Zoo: Cavious, Wiral

Glow: Geolyte, Oleana, Boggob, Suburbion, Hevendor, Cavious

Dark: Firim, Anasaze, Gravitas, Hevendor, Gigagush

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