thumb|300px|rightVubble, known as Sferia in the PAL versions and Sabon (サボン Sabon) in the JP version, is a planet introduced in Meteos for the DS. It appears to be a giant bubble, and its inhabitants enjoy skating on its soapy oceans, and being bubble-like in form, hate sharp objects.

Vubble's horizontal ignitions are some of the most powerful in the game, but its vertical ignitions are powerless and on their own will not do anything.

However, a vertical ignition in a floating stack will produce a small amount of thrust. Additionally, a vertical ignition above another in the same column, though very hard to achieve, will produce a large amount of lift. Vertical ignitions in a flashing column will stop the countdown to planet nova and therefore buy the player time to clear the column.

In Wars, it has a colossal amount of H2O, and little Iron, Zap, Air and near no Glow. In the DS version, there is a slightly increased amount of Glow (still less than the other four), and a slightly decreased amount of H20 (still in a massive lead), compared to Wars. In both versions, the meteo types are the same. Its sheer amount of H2O in Wars makes it the most rich in any Meteos type.

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