Wiral, known as Neuralis in the PAL versions and Wirelon (ワイヤロン Waiyaron) in the JP version, is a planet that made its debut in the original Meteos game on the DS. It has an "Electro-Brain" at its center.


Wiral's soundtrack, "Speed of Magic" costs 100 Glow meteos, but Glow meteos do not appear on this planet.

Wiral's planet impact in Meteos Wars is Tempest.

The average size of a Wiralon is variable; since they appear to be capable of changing into bolts of electricity, their size can presumably also be changed.

Wiral's main Meteos dominance is Zap, then H2O, Herb, Iron and Dark. The Meteos ratios make the Zap that appears have the highest ratio of any Meteo type on any planet in the original. The Meteos do not change in Meteos Wars.



Wiral in action


"Only machines move across this ravaged planet's surface. The Wiralons all moved into the lobes of an electro-brain."

Wiralons live inside of this planet, traveling inside like roads.

It is one of the 3 industry planets, along with Grannest, and Mekks.

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