Wuud, known as Arborea in the PAL versions and Udo in th JP version, is a giant tree shaped like a crescent moon. It has 10 columns.

According to the description, Wuddites are said to live symbiotically with the gargantuan tree, never harming it.

In the original, it can be unlocked by fusing 800 H2O, 3000 Herb, and 1 Soul. In Meteos Wars it is available when you buy Galaxy Pack.

In the original, it is dominantly Herb, with lower amounts of Fire, Air, Soil and H2O. The build-up in Meteos Wars is also dominantly Herb, with lower amounts of H2O, Air, Soil and Dust. In Meteos Wars it has the Armageddon Planet Impact.

Wuud appears in Branch if you chose Boggob, Bavoom, Jeljel, Mekks, Brabbit, Forte, Dawndus, Layazero, or Gravitas. In Multi Star Trip, it and Boggob are the Chlorophylls.

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