Yooj Planet

The planet Yooj as it appears in Meteos.

Yooj, known as Gigantis in the PAL version and Hugy (ヒュージィ Hyūjī) in the JP version, is a planet introduced in the original Meteos game on the DS. It has since appeared in Meteos Wars.



A Yoojic.

"A thunderhead of monstrous size hangs over this sphere. As a result, Yoojics can only think big."

Yooj stretches 280,000 kilometers in diameter, making it the third-largest planet overall, behind Thirnova and Meteo. Its inhabitants, the cloud-like Yoojics, measure 10 meters tall and live in a population of 2 billion.

In Meteos's Star Trip Multi Mode, Yooj is part of the Clean Air Club along with Bavoom and Brabbit.


Yooj has the maximum 11 columns. Its gravity is weak and its ignitions are powerful, making it easy to launch columns off the screen, but the Meteos are heavy to the point where it can be very difficult to launch off massive clusters. In Meteos Wars, Yooj's Planet Impact is Sentinel.

Meteos Wars - Nov 4 09 C - Yooj07:04

Meteos Wars - Nov 4 09 C - Yooj



Air ~33.33%
Fire ~16.66%
H2O ~16.66%
Zoo ~16.66%
Herb ~16.66%

There's also Glow, which, however, is not shown on the chart.

Meteos WarsEdit

Air ~54.54%
Zap ~13.64%
Dark ~18.18%
Ice ~6.82%
H2O ~6.82%

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